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The development of the company

In 1982 COBRA started the production of accessories for 4x4-vehicles. Through constant development, COBRA is one of the world`s largest suppliers for 4x4-vehicles today. Cooperations with 30 car manufacturers and 36 international distribution partners showed that the company`s development was going the right way.
The proprietor Bernhard Schulzand the manager director Albrecht Schröder are proud of the growth and look forward to a further favourable and successful future.

The company

Stable growth: In the meantime COBRA is located over 2 construction sites in Leopoldshöhe (Germany). More than 21.000 square metres of halls on a total area of 45.000 square metres are giving a roof to high quality Hightech machinery and materials. Pcture: Factory 1.
Cobra Werksgelände 1 in Leopoldshöhe Asemissen
1:Administration- 2:Development - 3:Production - 4:Dispatch - 5:Warehouse - 6:Tire warehouse - 7:Assembly for wheel/tire combination - 8:Assembly line accessories

Innovation as target

COBRA is permanantly following current trends and developments. Everything can be found in the product range, from the classic side step over frontguards and alloy wheels to combined systems with synthetic materials. 
As the manufacture needs highest precision, the production of high quality accessories is of course carried out with top modern machines. A precise and high quality manufacturing is guaranteed by a 3D lasering unit, the CNC controlled bending machines and the special educated staff.
COBRA has grown from a handicraft to a production plant, this means a continuos development of production.